Testing and characterization of advanced materials

Materials industry is developing rapidly determined that advanced materials underlie all economic development. Obtaining advanced materials technologies have the effect of the development of advanced methods of materials testing and characterization. In this regard, INCDIE ICPE-CA and the proposed development of a materials testing and characterization center equipped with advanced equipment.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Contemporary society uses the electromagnetic field at different frequencies from zero frequency up to several hundred GHz.

Applications are in a large range (to be found in the economy and transport, in domestic, military or medical) and are related to the transport of electricity, industrial or domestic applications, radio or TV emissions, the cellular communications, of wireless data transmissions and information, and position detection systems, etc.

TV and radio emissions are made at frequencies that range from several hundred kHz and reach nearly 800 MHz, and transmitted power varies from approx. 100 W up to several hundred kW.
Uses microwaves (MW) in mobile communications or radar detection known also exponential growth in recent decades. These applications cover the frequency range between 0.3 and 300 GHz.

Under these conditions, a major problem is to ensure a satisfactory operation of systems / equipment / appliances in the electromagnetic environment without producing noticeable disturbance of, or interfere with other devices. On the other hand, a very topical issue is the action of electromagnetic fields (produced by the operation of various communications systems or equipment) on biological structures.

As a natural conclusion, electromagnetic shielding becomes a critical issue for society today, both in the sense of electronic equipment secure and in order to protect biological.