Environmental Statement


Top Management of INCDIE ICPE-CA is more concerned to improve their environmental performance.

Top Management is increasingly concerned to improve their environmental performance.
INCDIE ICPE-CA management has adopted an environment policy that contribute to improving the image of INCDIE ICPE-CA, improving the trade position, overcome competition, motivation, staff efficiency and reducing the environmental and energy costs.
Environmental policy is determined in accordance with the provisions of SR EN ISO 14001 and is put into practice through implementation of environmental management system, general procedures for environmental protection and Specific Procedures, controllable and kept under control and permanent ongoing optimization.

The main objectives of environmental protection policy set by the INCDIE ICPE-CA are:
● Permanent maintenance and improvement of environmental management system based on SR EN ISO 14001 standard in order to improve overall environmental performance and conformity certification.
● Achievement of the activities, products and services according to environmental protection, known sources of pollutants, monitored and neutralized to admissible limit of the actual norms
● Improving the technologies and products by getting “clean” technologies and adopting measures to prevent pollution in all activities of the INCDIE ICPE-CA.
● Making a good management of wastes, toxic and dangerous substances so the impact of these activities on the environment will be minimal.
● Take measures to protect the environment in accordance with the laws and environmental regulations imposed.
● Correlation the environmental policy with environmental management system and program and general policy of INCDIE ICPE-CA.
● Communication of Environmental Policy to the entire staff and the general public.

INCDIE ICPE-CA management is engaged in achieving the stated environmental policy and proposed environmental objectives, for this purpose allocating funds for endowments and new technologies, training, documentation and trained personnel with responsibilities in environmental matters.

Top Management of INCDIE ICPE-CA appointed as Head of laboratory for implementation and certification of environmental management and Environmental Protection, Mrs Dr. Eng. Georgeta Alecu, with defined authority for:
• ensure that it is established, implemented and maintained the system of environmental management, according to SR EN ISO 14001 and ISO 14000 series.
• reporting to the management the information about environmental management system functionality in order to analyze and improve it.

Laboratory of Integrated Management: Quality-Environment done general documentary, implementing, auditing and permanent update of the environmental management system; INCDIE ICPE-CA laboratories, supplier of products and services, will develop the specific documentation and procedures for environmental protection with assistance from the Integrated Management Laboratory: Quality-Environment.
All laboratories are required to comply with the Book of Integrated System, the procedures of the environmental management system, environmental legislation and applicable environmental regulations.

Top Management of INCDIE ICPE-CA assumes full responsibility for the adopted environmental policy and the results obtained as a result of applying them.

Ph.D. eng. Sergiu NICOLAIE
General Manager