INCDIE ICPE-CA Vision: INCDIE ICPE-CA to become the promoter of the knowledge-based progress in the field of electrical engineering.


INCDIE ICPE-CA fosters and carries on applied research in the field of electrical engineering, under national and international framework, for the benefit of both private and public companies.
By developing the technological innovation for beneficiaries, ICPE-CA contributes to increase their competitiveness in Romania but in Europe as well. The research activity which the institute has been carrying on is intended to promote the economic development of the society for getting environmentally friendly social advantages.
ICPE-CA ensures the development of its employees professional qualification, allowing them accessing high-responsibility positions inside of institute, in industry, as well as in other scientific fields.

2. Opportunities

The Romanian society currently facing profound changes creates multiple opportunities for accomplishing the mission of ICPE-CA. The identity of ICPE-CA as an institute having qualified staff, which is able to carry on advanced research, has been defined as a joint between fundamental and development research. There will be created new employment opportunities in our institute, also arising from the launch of the new national program PNCDI and European program FP7.
The strengths of our institute are the followings: adequate size, personnel quality and structure, good connection with the economic market, internal structure, well-defined competencies of the personnel, various and relatively new institute’s endowment.
The weaknesses of our institute consist of the lack in maximizing all opportunities, the need for a higher training and the relatively low international visibility. Another weak point is the personnel ageing.
The strategic objectives of ICPE-CA:
* Improving scientific and innovation performance;
* Ensuring economic competitiveness of beneficiaries;
* Improving research, development and innovation potential by:
– Continuous training and ensuring a research career;
– Institutional development.
* Improving cooperation between the institute and industry, particularly through the development of public-private partnerships;
* Development of the institute’s human resources;
* Increasing national and international visibility;
* Developing RDI partnerships between institutes and universities;
* Awareness taxpayers to the state budget on the importance of RDI in the field of electrical industry in order to provide economic and social benefits to society
Whether take into account the ICPE-CA mission, the opportunities and threats as well as the creative strengths, the appropriate strategy for achieving these objectives is as follows:
Building Strategy aimed to bring ICPE-CA to a maximum “market share” in a rapidly changing world. In applying this strategy, the aptitudes and competencies of our employees are to be considered besides the organizational structure (that is elastic but allows planning) as well as possibilities for performance monitoring and for intervention to correct deviations. Herein, the management staff has as a main task to act towards achieving the objectives of the strategic plan and to make possible corrections.

3. Strategy in research development

It will enable the following strategic goals:
● Raising the performance of science and innovation;
● Increasing the national and international visibility;
● Awareness of employer duties on important budget RDI in electrical industry to ensure economic and social benefits to society;
● Increase the value of the scientific and economic development research activities both in the specific field and in related areas;
● Harmonizing research directions with national politics and they integration in the European Union research policy, through association with institutes and prestigious universities, companies,
● Need for research and development of materials, products, technologies to meet environmental standards,
● Harmonization of standards in Romanian to European norms;
● Create materials conditions and equipment in order to address new issues and directions of research (the acquisition of performing equipments);
● Increasing the intake of companies in financing the research developed by ICPE-CA;
● Creating conditions for dissemination of research results by supporting logistics (Computers, office equipment) and by supporting the participation of researchers at seminars, national and international conferences (creating the possibility of establishing new contacts);
● Increasing domestic and international visibility by organizing scientific events, participation in them, increasing the number of papers published in international journals;
● Increasing the number of articles published in specialized journals indexed by ISI;
● Increasing the number of patents;
● The organization of weeks of science and of actions like “Science in dialogue with society” to improve public perception and attitudes on the contribution to the benefits of economic, social and cultural environment and business community in general;

4. Strategy in technological transfer and services

This strategy will contribute to achieving the following strategic objectives:
– Ensure the economic competitiveness of beneficiaries;
– Improving cooperation between the institute and industry, especially by developing partnerships public private partnerships through:
– Create conditions for materials and equipment in order to meet the beneficiaries request regarding small side execution and unique products execution (for which are not industrial or suppliers or are not created conditions for the application in industry) in terms of compliance with environmental and labor protection;
– Development in the sector of marketing and sales in order to identify new customers and new products in the specific field of activity;
– Diversification of services by extending and accreditation of new laboratories, for example:
● Laboratory for characterization and testing of electrical engineering materials and products;
● compatibility.
– laboratory for determination of thermal behavior of the solid products and materials by thermal analysis methods
– Resizing pilot stations in an efficient use of space and their rehabilitation;
– Disposal and recovery equipment obsolescent;
– increasing the number of products and technologies transferred to industry by enabling technology transfer center, able to monitor this activity;
– Periodic recertification of the integrated environmental quality standard ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001/1996;
– Participation in fairs and exhibitions with exhibits, posters, catalogs to promote products and services;
– Participation in domestic auctions for the supply of products and services, both alone and in partnerships with other units.

5. Strategy in the economic-financial domain

Will be stimulated to reach the following objectives:
● Increase R & D potential by:
– continue training and providing a career in research;
– institutional developing
● Improving cooperation between the institute and industry, especially by developing public private partnerships;
● Development of R&D partnerships with institutes and universities;
● In the next years INCD ICPE CA aims at economic and financial growth in a continuous turnover of at least 10-20% per year, so that in the year 2007, when Romania will be integrated in the European Union to achieve the following parameters:
– annual revenue per employee of over 20,000 Euro to 19,000 Euro / employee now;
– increase the average gross income per employee from 337 Euro (2005) to Euro 500-600 (2007);
– reducing production unfinished.
● Increase the amount of revenue that will be based on revenue increases of research and of other sources (small series production, technology transfers, research with third parties, etc.).
● At the same time will be kept under control the costs.
● The objectives to be achieved are:
– rigorous monitoring of costs for each type of activity and product made and continue to reduce them;
– improving business services to third parties by improving business planning, monitoring and implementation of revenue;
– improving the marketing department activities, respective the activities of Technological Transfer Center;
● Web page development and the exchange interactive site INCD ICPE CA that offers the institute in an attractive manner, both in Romanian and English.

6. Human resources strategy

This strategy will achieve the following strategic objectives:
● Increase R & D potential by training and providing continuous professional career in research;
● Development of human resources institute;
● Development of R%D partnerships with institutes and universities;
● Increasing national and international visibility;
● This strategy will be permanently based communication to employees of the institute of policy objectives, including economic recovery plan in order awareness, the realization of the term of the proposed measures and their reasons and will be achieved by:
– identification of the sectors of research that have remained open with staff and specialized research to attract graduates of higher education;
● Reduction of staff movements by reducing the “exit” of researchers by providing valuable rights motivating employees;
● Improving the quality of professional employees in order to increase their capacity to face the competitive environment in the European Union by sending to the universities and training institutes prestige abroad;
● Raising the potential of research projects national wide auction organized PNCDI, CEEX, etc. as well as FP7, in specialized potential project directors, management and administration of research projects development;
● Increasing the performance of professional employees in administrative, marketing, through training courses and specialization in profile, the use of computer and possibly the acquisition of foreign languages;
● Development and ensuring a climate of appropriate, of civilized jobs to meet all the requirements of rules PSI, PM, PM;
● Increasing motivation by improving wages;
● Rejuvenate the employees (annual decrease in the average age of employees).

7.Strategy in the investment / institutional

Follow the direct or indirect achievement of the following strategic objectives:
● Increase R & D potential by institutional developing;
● Improving cooperation between the institute and industry, especially by developing partnerships public private;
● Developing humane resources.
As a result of hiring contracts in PNCDI, of winning a project in PC 6 SSA worth 900,000 euros (making the 2008) and hiring in CEEX mode 4 of 3 contracts on the development and accreditation of three new laboratories, the institute has the opportunity to own and attracted funds, to hire an ambitious investment plan for a period of at least two years, which is shown in full in Appendix.
In the medium and long term will continue the policy of investment in laboratory equipment (characterization) and repair very performing and valuable devices. Will be continued effort endowment and accreditation of laboratories.
On the INCDIE ICPE-CA branch of Sf.Gheorghe will be established in collaboration with Sf.Gheorghe Hall, University of Brasov and the Association of SMEs Sf.Gheorghe a business incubator that will take advantage of the propitious climate for business development in existing area.
It will also improve working conditions by:
● Upgrading the working places, offices, in compliance with the regulations of labor laws;
● Redevelopment of the locker-rooms;
● Fitting of new laboratories by resizing pilot stations;
● Replacing the current very expensive heating system, with a modern system;
● Rehabilitation of J building, hydroinsulation restoration and painting the outside of the building;
● Fitting a new entry in the Institute to create an impression of security and economic strength in the face of external visitors;
● Maintenance of green spaces Institute;
● Maintaining cleanliness in the Institute;
● Ensuring the conditions imposed by the PSI and PM;;
● Ensuring the conditions imposed by the rules on protection of secret information;
● Ensuring the conditions for use of legal software.
ICPE-CA will be involved in the structural funds, in developing public private partnerships, technology transfer centers, scientific and industrial parks.

8. Partnership Strategy

Will contribute to achieving the following strategic goals:
● Improving cooperation between the institute and industry, especially by developing public private partnerships;
● Developing RDI partnerships with institutes and universities;
● Awareness-employer taxes to the state budget on the importance of RDI in the electrical industry to ensure economic and social benefits to society.
The cooperation ability, including the frame of public private partnerships, is an essential condition for achieving mission-ICPE CA.
Institute concludes internal and external collaboration to ensure exchange of ideas and experience to preserve competitiveness and penetration of new markets.
ICPE-CA will continue to collaborate in research institutions and education in Romania. A particular importance will be given to cooperation with selected universities and institutions, which will be a key element in the ICPE-CA integration in the scientific community.
It will take into account especially those partnerships that provide complete innovative solutions beneficiaries. ICPE-CA will increase the importance of partnerships with industry, will be familiar with its needs, and will work together with it to promote products and to maintain / gain a place on the market.
Through involvement of ICPE-CA in the FP7 EU projects will grow and multiply existing international partnerships. It will pay particular attention to partnerships with those institutions in which former employees work. Partnerships will be expanded extra European countries (e.g. China and Russia) as it will provide access to new markets.