Magnets made by nanocomposites materials used in high speed electric motors manufacturing

The solution for a cleaner transportation, as well as a necesity of increase in conectivity, have led to a tendency for electrification, therefore, in terms of aviation, to the development of MEA (More Electric Aircraft) architecture – an advanced concept for building the aircraft of the future, where electrical generators are much more powerful than today. So their coresponding mas increase can be a drawback for future aircraft MEA architectures.

The ned for novel soft magnetic aloys, with improved magnetisation, temperature capabilties and mechanical strength, constiute the major requirement in numerous electrical
machines and actuator aplications, aerospace and other related aplication fields. The new soft magnetic materials with increased strength, at the same magnetic performance, can lead to a reduction in power system size and weight, and finaly, to the improvement in electrical eficiency.

The nMAT proposal aproach and wil solve the above technical and scientific problems using an inexpensive new method to build chemicaly the novel desired materials. In this way, wil be created microstructures with entirely new properties, which are up to now unafordable with the curent clasical enginering techniques. The procesing technique will be more facile than the metalurgical procesing of the manufacturing proces of metalic laminated soft magnetic cores and so, the fabrication costs wil be diminished.

Project description