National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA


Study of surface properties:

Atomic Force Microscope;
Optic Microscope NIKON with confocal system;
Interferrometric Microscope Wyko NT 110;
AUTOSORB 1 C Quantachrome UK Limited;
Porosimeter with mercury DAB 100-M;
Nanosizer 90 Plus Brookhaven Corporation.

Atomic Force Microscope
- image in accordance with electrical or magnetic properties of the surface MFM or AFM;
- detect changes in surface mechanical properties;
- elasticity, adhesion and related properties;
- nano-manipulation;
- nano-lithography.

Porosimeter with mercury DAB 100-M

Technical characteristics:
- Pores diameter: min 10 μm;
- Pores volume: 1.6 cm3/gr;
- Specific surface: 0.85 m2/gr.
- Tension: 480Dynes/cm;
- Contact angle: 140grd.

Optic Microscope NIKON with confocal system
Techniques used:
- Stereomicroscopy: examination of specimens in reflected light (episcope) and transmitted (diascope);
- Brightfield technique - examination of specimens of natural color or those with contrasting structure (wastewater microbiological examination, the study of liquid crystals, etc.);
- Phase contrast and DIC – examination transparent samples (polymer structure, subcellular particles);
- Fluorescence-research in the field of environmental protection;
- Confocal microscopy - structural study and molecular dynamics in living cells, identify fluorescent minerals, contaminants, impurities in materials science, geology, semiconductor research, environmental protection.

AUTOSORB 1 C type Quantachrome UK Limited
Types of tests:
- determination of specific surface (BET, Langmuir)
- Plotting the isotherms for adsorption / desorption;
- Pore size distribution;
- Total volume of pores;
- Plotting the isotherms for chemical adsorption;
- Determination of specific active surface (metal).
Pressure range: 0 - 0.13 MPa;
Specific surface: upper 0.0005 m2/g;
Pores volume: minimum detectable 0.0001 cm3/g;
Pore diameter: 0.35 - 500 nm (in N2);
- Adsorbent gas: N2, O2, Ar, CO, CO2, H2, NH3, Kr.

Interferrometric Microscope Wyko NT 110
- Use a non-invasive method of optical interferometry to determine the 3D surface topography (roughness) layer thickness etc.
- Measuring range vertical 0.1 nm - 1 mm;
- Vertical resolution: 1 up to 1ÅÅ Ra;
- Repeatability RMS 2 0.01 nm;
- Vertical Scan Speed 7.2 μm/sec (288 μin./sec);
- Lateral spatial sampling 0.08 to 13.1μm.

Nanosizer 90 Plus Brookhaven Corporation
It is a device for determining the size of nanoparticles on the principle of dynamic light scattering.
The device measures the zeta potential and molecular weight.
Scattered light intensity fluctuations are analyzed by particles in Brownian motion to obtain an average size of polydispersion, and to obtain a full distribution.
Determinations are only for nanoparticles dispersed in liquid medium.
Dimensional measuring range is 2 nm ... 5 microns.
Average diameter can be expressed in terms of: light intensity, the number or volume of nanoparticles in suspension.