National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA


General Policy

On April 12, 2001, established the Institute for Electrical Engineering - Advanced Research by bringing together of some traditional research and development laboratory for areas of electrotechnical materials, including processing by ionizing radiation, unconventional electrical engineering, electrochemistry and protection against biological and electrochemical corrosion, study vibrations and technologies of their elimination.
The establishment of this Institute was the signal for the resumption of our R&D&I laboratories traditions, adapted to new internal and external socio-political conditions. Our annual strategies - the last for 2003 was approved by our Board of Directors in December 2002 - emphasize the concept of sustainable development specific to our field: economic, ecological and social needs, without the endangerment of development opportunities for next generation.
Seen thus, sustainable development is just a moral means to move to the knowledge society.
This statement with references to the three dimensions offers a full picture of our Institute to our internal and external beneficiary, researches and finished products.
If you look at the achievements of our institute, we will immediately recognize it as the "sustainable development" is not an empty notion, but a means towards sustainable success. The topics of our research - financed under the National Program for R&D&I of the Ministry of Education and Research, or from external sources or from the companies -, as well as our products and services, promote the environmental progress: reduced demand of environment both at producer – beneficiary of technologies - as well as at user of our products and services. A measure of this success is the large number of projects of international scientific collaboration, multi- and bilateral, which is involved our team and the performance of this work finds its reflection in the more than 115 scientific papers published / communicated in 2002 in the country and abroad, in the 17 patents granted or registered in 2002 and ultimately in 18 approved products in the same year. Our scientists know they are available a technical performance library, which only last year was enriched by more than 20 titles of foreign magazines in the field.
The social policy of our sustainable development is not only underlined by the collective labor contract negotiated in the Institute, but also the activities and work results of Committee of Labor Health and Security in providing of a job for all of our employees, according to their training: primary, medium or university.
Of course, our statement would not be complete if we add to this the few statistical data on the achievements of 2002, published at the beginning of this year and make it available.

Ph.D. eng. Sergiu NICOLAIE
General Manager