National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA


Technological Policy

Sustainable development is the support of life quality and economic prosperity. Applying this concept on medium and long term and at our institute, in all areas of activity - research, development and small series production and consulting services - should constitute the engine of a health management policy in the sphere of social and economy, staff and environment policy.
Our motto has always been quality in development, in small series production and services.
Since the establishment of the institute in April 2001, a group was created who’s main and permanent task is to implement an integrated, high performance and asset quality – environment system. Certification according to international standard ISO 9001 as AFER authorization no. 2632 for some specific products are our first proof of major interest expressed by us in this direction.
With an important experience, our existing staff is highly trained. Therefore our development, manufacturing and services were characterized by a great flexibility and mobility, enabling to satisfy the desires and interests of our customers.
Our customers are considered the most important collaborator as they make a significant contribution to the prosperity of the institute.
In 2002 the revenues achieved in the sphere of development, production and services were about 30% of total revenues. It is an important percent taking into account that this sphere of activity is served by only 20% of staff.
In order to meet the interests of our traditional beneficiaries and market penetration with new products and services, in the institute was developed a correct relationship between mobility, quality, safety and environmental responsibility.
The concept of sustainable mobility applied our various activities has resulted in the following:

In the sphere of development:
● design of new technologies and improving existing ones, to ensure a healthier working environment with a reduced environmental impact;
● design of new sustainable products which constitute an alternative to traditional products and allow penetration of other outlets.

Design a new product means, besides high functional performance, economical use of raw materials sources and energy, a long-term preservation of life quality and environment.

In the sphere of small series production:
● obtaining the maximum benefit for each product and service;
● reduce the costs, wisely use of space and time, the saving of raw materials, energy and utilities;
● elimination / reduction of waste, recycling of them and their waste products;
● rehabilitation of existing equipment and machinery.

In the sphere of services:
● extending the range of services through finding of new opportunities to operation the excellent facilities of the institute: developing the measure and quality control techniques of products and materials with applications in the electrical industry;
● developing a mechanical processing workshop designed to satisfy the needs of internal and external demands;
● offered services according to the European legislation in the field of energy, administrative, environmental and intellectual property.

dr. ing. Elena ENESCU
Ph.D. eng. Elena ENESCU
Technical Manager