National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA


Scientific Policy

Science is the basis for sustainable development, which in turn, is support quality of life and economic prosperity. In INCDIE ICPE -Advanced Researches this concept defines the guiding line of all our medium and long term activities, in all areas of activity, namely:
● approaching the issues and areas of research;
● taking and execution of all orders from customers for various parts, components, materials and equipment of high-tech developed in our laboratories;
● taking and approach the various requests for specialized services and technical assistance;
● providing a healthy work environment for the institute staff.

Our motto has always been technical and scientific way in the field of research and technical assistance. This goal has been possible due to our well-trained staff that is in a direct and permanent contact with the school - higher education institutions, many of our employees - about. 10% (this percentage want to be in permanent increase) - being as teachers at various universities in the country (Bucharest University, University "Politehnica" - Bucharest, University “Walachia” – Targoviste, etc.).
The scientific coordinating of our institute as well as the establish our policy in the field is provided by the Scientific Council composed of 17 members which include a series of university professors - Prof. Emil BURZO, Prof. Florian FILIP - member of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Horia GAVRILA, Prof. Silviu JIPA, Prof. Wilhelm KAPPEL, Prof. Nicolae OLARIU, Prof. Radu SETNESCU, Prof. Teodor VISAN, the rest being Ph.D. in science.
In our conception a scientific activity can be held based on a well-trained staff with sustained scientific activity, selected and promoted by stringent performance criteria. In our institute the performance criteria are determined by the Scientific Council under which the research staff is promoted.

Short-term orientation of our researchers is towards the approach of research topics – financed from the budget or the various companies - which follows the manufacturing of new required products and services.

Long-term orientation of our researchers is towards the approach of topics such as the development of products, technologies and services that ensure the ecological progress - reduced environmental application, the company needs, and synthetic - sustainable development.

In our conception the scientific community is a community opens to the future where the remarkable results can be obtained only through a wide opening, communication and co-operation. Therefore we promote the cooperation with all the science in the country and abroad. In this context we wish to periodically organize a series of scientific events such as: international conference "Study and Control of Corrosion in the Perspective of Sustainable Development of Urban Distribution Grids", national conference with international participation "New Trends in Material Science”, or conference "electrotechnics scientific community - a community open to the future" in the symposium "Werner von Siemens, engineer and founder of the company Siemens”.

dr. ing. Iosif LINGVAY
Ph.D. eng. Iosif LINGVAY
Scientific Secretary