National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA


Investigations on the material composition:

Atomic absorption spectrometer type SOLAAR S4, furnace desegregation;
Mass spectrometer with laser ablation;
UV-Vis spectrophotometer 570 Jasco equipped with integrating sphere;
UV-Vis spectrometer Lambda 35 PerkinElmer;
Spectrometer 100 FTIR PerkinElmer;

Investigations on the crystalline structure:

X Ray Diffractometer type D8 DISCOVER.

Atomic absorption spectrometer type SOLAAR S4, furnace desegregation

- qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis at ppm level;
- detection limit: 0.1 to 1.0 mg / ml.
It is a technique to detect concentrations of elements in solutions with concentrations lying between the maximum detection limit of 5% - minimum detection limit 1ppm.
The wide detection range allows detection of a wide range of metallic elements (70 elements), namely from Li to Bi and lanthanides group (from Ce to Lu).
Because the method is based on the Beer-Lambert law using a single set of lamps for each analyte of interest and the atomization of matrices analyzed occurs oxyacetylene flame or nitrous oxide flame.
This leads to a very high repeatability and traceability being a very powerful analytically tool bringing matrices solution is made with oven digestion ETHOS microwave using appropriate methods for interest elements.

Mass spectrometer with laser ablation
- Qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis of elements in solid samples or to the solution;
- Mass range from 5 to 270 amu;
- Laser to work directly on solid samples
- Allow determination of elemental composition: emiquantitative - directly and quantitatively - by use of standards;
- Resolution of detection: 0.5 amu;
- Multi-element quick recovery;
- low limits of detection;
- isotopic information;
- Axial field technology type (all generation and detection system is on a single axle).
It is a device dedicated to trace analysis of materials (UltraTrace Analysis) either of solid materials (using laser ablation) either of liquid by the nebulizer chamber Scott (digested material brought into solution).
The field measurement is between 500 - 100 ppm (upper limit of detection) and 1 ppm (lower limit of detection).

UV-Vis spectrophotometer 570 Jasco equipped with integrating sphere
The device determines the light absorption in the UV-Vis NIR colloidal solutions at wavelengths of 190 ... 1100nm.
Optical System: monochrome single Resolution: 2nm;
Light source: deuterium lamp (190-350 nm) and halogen lamp (330-1100nm);
Wavelength accuracy: +/- 0.3nm;
Spectral bandwidth: 2nm.

UV-Vis spectrometer Lambda 35 PerkinElmer
Distance: 190 - 1100 nm; bandwidth: 0.5 - 4nm (variable)
Presents high stability, high accuracy and reproducibility;
Perfect for routine analysis of liquids, powders, solid substances, pastes and gases.

Spectrometer 100 FTIR PerkinElmer
Spectral resolution: 0.5 cm-1 - 64 cm-1;
Accuracy bandwidth of 0.1 cm-1 to 1600 cm-1 (6.25 mm);
Optical system has: an interferometer, source, detector, splitter wave.

X Ray Diffractometer type D8 DISCOVER
- texture analysis;
- analysis of residual stress;
- assessing change network parameters, and analysis of phase transformations based on temperature range: -180°C .... 1100°C.