The first international conference on electrical engineering ICPE-CA Predeal – Romania 20 – 22 November 2019




• Abstract registration: July 19, 2019

• Information on the abstract acceptance after the peer review: August 1, 2019

• Paper registration: September 26, 2019

• Notification of acceptance: October 10, 2019

• Full paper registration: November 1, 2019

• Editing and transmitting the programme: November 5, 2019

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Prof. Dr. Ing. Ecaterina ANDRONESCU, România
Acad. Marius ANDRUH, România
Acad. Mircea BOLOGA, Republica Moldova
Acad. Emil BURZO, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Aurel CÂMPEANU, România
Dr. Ing. Mihai CISTELECAN, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Florin CIUPRINA, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. George DARIE, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Alexandru FRANSUA, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Valentin IONIŢĂ, România
Prof. Dr. Horia IOVU, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Petru MOLDOVAN, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Valentin NĂVRĂPESCU, România
Dr. Ing. Dragoș NICULAE, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Petru NOŢINGHER, România
Prof. Dr. Mircea PETRESCU, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Mihail Octavian POPESCU, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Tudor PRISECARU, România


Prof. Dr. Ing. Nicolae GOLOVANOV, RomâniaPrim-Vicepresident:
Dr. Ing. Sergiu NICOLAIE, RomâniaVicepresidents:
Dr. Ing. Elena ENESCU, România
Prof. Dr. Fiz. Wilhelm KAPPEL, România
Acad. Alexandru M. MOREGA, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Florin Teodor TĂNĂSESCU, RomâniaMembers:
Dr. Hab. Mikhail V. AVDEEV, Rusia
Dr. Ing. Mihai BĂDIC, România
Dr. Ing. Adela BĂRA, România
Prof. Dr. Giorgio BERTOTTI, Italia
Prof. Dr. Detlef BONFERT, Germania
Acad. Ion BOSTAN, Republica Moldova
Dr. Chim. Petru BUDRUGEAC, România
Dr. Ing. Florentina BUNEA, România
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Dan CIOCAN, Canada
Dr. Ing. Ionel CHIRIŢĂ, România
Dr. Ing. Mirela-Maria CODESCU, România
Dr. Otilia Culicov, Rusia
Dr. Ing. Ion DOBRIN, România
Prof. Dr. Valeriu DULGHERU, Republica Moldova
Dr. Anna Maria FERRETTI, Italia
Prof. Dr. Ing. Horia GAVRILĂ, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Florea Ioan HĂNŢILĂ, România
Dr. Sergei Kostromin, Rusia
Dr. Sergey Kulikov, Rusia
Dr. Ing. Mariana LUCACI, România
Dr. Ing. Magdalena LUNGU, România
Dr. Fiz. Nicoleta LUPU, România
Prof. Dr. Andrei MARINESCU, România
Prof. Dr. Nikolay MIHAILOV, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Mihaela MOREGA, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Radu MUNTEANU, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Nicolae OLARIU, România
Prof. Dr. Larissa V. PANINA, Rusia
Dr. Ing. Delia PĂTROI, România
Dr. Ing. Lucian PÎSLARU-DĂNESCU, România
Prof. Dr. Ing. Claudia POPESCU, România


Dr. Ing. Sergiu NICOLAIE, RomâniaMembers:
Dr. Ing. Georgeta ALECU, România
Dr. Ing. Corina BĂBUŢANU, România
Biolog Robert DUCU, România
Dr. Gabriela IOSIF, România
Ing. Alexandru LIXANDRU, România
Dr. Ing. Dorian MARIN, România
Ing. Gabriela OBREJA, România
Ing. Ciprian ONICĂ, România
Dr. Ing. Eros-Alexandru PĂTROI, România
Dr. Ing. Gimi RÎMBU, România
Dr. Ing. Dorinel TĂLPEANU, România
Dr. Ing. Andreea VOINA, România

Papers writing and uploading instructions

The evaluation committee will consider:Clarity of presentation (correct spelling, if mathematical symbols and equations are easy to understand, if the graphs and tables are well designed and informative, the layout)

Technical innovation and relevance (citing relevant publications, if the author’s description is relevant for the research activity, correct application of technical approaches, logical ideas, if the results are convincing)

Instructions to Authors Preparing Their Camera Ready Papers

Abstract format


1. EuroMaTech Electrical Engineering Advanced Workshop – Dubai, 01 – 05 decembrie 2019,
2. IEEE 2nd International Conference on Power and Energy Applications – Singapore, 27-30 aprilie 2019,
3. The 11th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Bucuresti, 28-30 martie 2019
4. ICAEE The 6th International Conference on Advances in Electronics Engineering – Macau, 26-28 octombrie 2019,
5. International Conference on Advanced Electrical Engineering 2019 (ICAEE 2019) – Algiers, 19-21 noiembrie 2019,
6. The 2nd International Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering CEEPE 2019 – Berkeley, University of California, 25-28 iunie 2019
7. IEEE International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies ISAECT – Rome, 27-29 noiembrie 2019,
8. 2019 International Conference on Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (DMEE) – Bali, 7-9 septembrie 2019,
9. 8th International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection (APAP2019) – Xi’an Shaanxi, 21-24 octombrie 2019,
10. The 11st Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2019) Xiamen, 19-21 aprilie 2019,
11. International Conference Interdisciplinarity in Engineering INTER-ENG 2019 – Targu-Mures, 3-4 octrombrie 2019
12. IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ) – Kyoto, 18-20 noiembrie 2019,
13. 7th International Conference Advanced E-Motor Technology Berlin, 12-14 februarie 2019
14. 8th International Conference on Advanced Technologies (ICAT’19), Sarajevo, 26-30 august 2019,
15. The 20th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology – Melbourne, 13-15 februarie 2019,
16. ICPE 2019 – ECCE Asia — 2019 10th International Conference on Power Electronics and ECCE Asia – Busan, 27-31 mai 2019,
17. NARES2019 — 2nd North Africa Renewable Energy Summit 2019 – Cassablanca, 24 iunie 2019,
18. IYCE’19 – International Youth Conference on Energy – Bled, Slovenia, 3-6 iulie 2019,
19. ICIEEE-2019 — International Conference on “Innovations in Electrical and Electronics Engineering” – Hyderabad, India, 26-27 iulie 2019,
20. International Conference On VLSI, Signal Processing, Power Systems, Illumination and Control, Communication, and Embedded Systems (VSPICE-2019) – Nitte, Karnataka, India, 23-24 mai 2019,